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Still Knitting

Wow! It has been 8 months since I last posted anything. I can't believe I let my blog get away from me. It has been really busy and I haven't knitted all summer. I did decide to pick up the sticks and knitted 4 dish towels in 1 sitting though. I'm not too happy with them...why is it that the variegated yarn looks so good on the shelf, but not when you're trying to knit a pattern? I've learned my lesson and will stick to the solid colors from here on out.

Now, it's your turn. Talk to me. What have you been up to?

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Glad you are back. Isn't it amazing how quickly time goes by?
I agree about the variegated yarns. They are pretty, but if you do a pattern with them, the pattern gets lost in the color changes.
I love hand painted sock yarn and always have a hard time picking a pattern that might work with the yarn. I'm starting to just give up and knit them all in stockinette.
Can't wait to see pictures of your knitting!

Posted by: crzjane | 10/03/2008

(Letting out a loud sigh of relieved frustration) FINALLY!
Jeez, what took you so long? You know, you really ought to get better at keeping this blog thing up to date, seeing as so many of us live and die on the words you leave for us here (lol)!

Glad to you're back to it, maybe now I can get them damn socks you promised me from LAT WINTER this winter =).

See ya bye,

Posted by: Abasi | 10/07/2008

Hi there! I have not heard from you in a minute, and that is my fault. I have been on crochet/knit hiatus, but I am still hanging around. *Yawning*
My DH is watching "Tropical Thunder" and Tom Cruise should be banned from watching Soul Train!!!

Take Care~

P.S. I got a movie on my blog. check it out, but read the *WARNING* First.

Posted by: QueenLi | 12/07/2008

It's been quite a while for me, too - about a year in fact. Good to see that you're still knitting.

I also have to agree about the variegated yarn. I have a few that have been puzzling me. I think they would look good as felted items but not so much in anything with a textural component to the fabric. But who wants to use lovely sock yarn for felting?

Posted by: Momo | 01/04/2009

Hey there Latoya! How've you been? And how is the family? It is my wish that you are all well.

Sista' I can see how you can let your blog go––it's called life. And that's okay. But do keep knitting.

As for the variegated yarn, try seed sts, and other highly textured pattern sts for a more mottled effect; the colors don't look as "pooled" as it's called. Also, pull out the yarn until you see the repeat again. Knit that row, then count the number of stitches. You will then have an idea of how to control the occurrence of the color changes.

Posted by: sahara | 02/10/2009

Hello. I just started knitting. Give me where to start better.

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