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Yes, I still knit...

I was cleaning out my email and came across this: http://ymib.com/daily-inspiration/family/articles/down-so...


Go check it out.

 Happy knitting!


I'm LOVING your new photo! It shows, strength, maturity, and beauty in one powerful package.

I hope your endeavors are doing well, your family is good, and how's my girl Shach? Tell her I said hello.

Posted by: sahara | 01/28/2008

Hey, glad to see you're still at it, the blog was starting to go cold. I guess this latest post will have to satisfy me until the next fix. I've downloaded the article and will read it tonight when I get a chance.
By the by, some woman told me that she would knit me a pair of socks, oh, about a month and a half ago, and I'll be a monkey's uncle if I still haven't recieved them! I was wondering, what do you think I should do about that?

Posted by: Abasi Baruti | 01/28/2008

Hi Latoya,

When are you going to post some photos? We miss seeing your work. Hope you will soon. I love the new photo too.

Posted by: hope | 02/05/2008

You found that while cleaning out your email? You should print it out, and send an exerpt to Essence to pitch for a story.

Anyway, it is a wonderful article! Socialization was a concern of mine, and it's thoughtful on your part to socialize her to people from all walks of life. Do keep in mind that well-adjusted parents make for well-adjusted kids. There are a number of children who are home-schooled for the precise reason that there parents don't want them to become "worldly". Extreme religious groups, and psychotic parents are an example.

Posted by: sahara | 02/13/2008

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